CISM President Herve Piccirillo at the press conference on Oct. 25

CISM President Herve Piccirillo hailed the 7th CISM Military World Games (7th CWG) in Wuhan as a great success at a press conference here on Oct. 25.

"The Games was set to be successful even before the opening ceremony," he said.

"The 7th CWG, the Chinese military and the Wuhan government had worked together closely in the last four years to ensure the success of the Games before it kicked off."

Piccirillo said he believes that the 7th CWG had made a wise and meaningful decision to choose China as the host of the 7th CWG in May 2015.

"We made the decision because of the great contribution that China had made to the peace of the world and the country's willingness to spread friendship through sports," he added.

Hosting the quadrennial event for the first time, China is now leading the medal standing with 100 golds, 50 silvers and 22 bronze with two days to go.

"The Chinese soldiers have showed great strength and abilities through the medals that they won, hopefully China can make greater contribution to the world sports and world peace in the future," said CISM Secretary General Mamby Koita.

"The CISM Military World Games was inaugurated to create a chance for the soldiers representing different countries and different cultures to compete against each other in sports fields instead of battle," Piccirillo said. "The goal of the CISM is to spread friendship through sports."

The 7th CWG will lower its curtain on Oct. 27.

[Editor YANG Si]