Abdel Kader MUSTAPHA, Chief of Tunisia Mission, arrived at the Press Conference Hall of the Main Press Center of the 7th CISM Military World Games (7th CWG) on the afternoon of Oct. 24. He said in an interview that the amazing opening ceremony was still lingering in his mind and expressed his feeling that “Wuhan has astonishingly beautiful skylines.”

Abdel Kader MUSTAPHA at the Press Conference

According to Kader, despite its small territory, Tunisia has a civilization of 3,000 years. It sits at a strategically important position by the Mediterranean Sea and connects Europe and Africa. It has sent missions to seven consecutive CWGs since 1995.

He said that the Tunisia Mission for the 7th CWG consisted of 34 members, and that they would participate in Judo, Boxing, Taekwondo, and Track & Field.

Katoussi Firas beat his rival Park Sanguk from the Republic of Korea in the Men’s 74kg Taekwondo competition and won Tunisia’s first gold medal at the 7th CWG on Oct. 23. “I’m proud of each of our athletes on the field. We will try hard for good performance in each competition. Gold medal is not our final destination. The best result is always waiting in the next competition,” said Kader.

When it came to how he likes Wuhan, the host city of the 7th CWG, Kader said, “Wuhan is a huge city. It is very beautiful, particularly its skyline. And it has so many lakes and wetland. It sure is a totally livable city.” Then he mentioned the opening ceremony again, “The opening ceremony is astonishing and unforgettable.”

In his opinion, CWG is a most important sports event second only to the Olympic Games, and China has made great efforts for it. “I’d like to present my sincerest thanks to the Organizing Committee of the 7th CWG. It is your efforts that make this event grand, inspiring and marvelous!”

(Reporter LI Yong) [Editor NIE Yang]