The 7th CISM Military World Games (7th CWG) will mark the history of military competitions, said International Military Sports Council (CISM) President Herve Piccirillo here on Oct.25, lauding its material and spiritual legacy to the host city Wuhan and the world.

"These are games that will mark the history of military competitions and develop new practices in the future," said Piccirillo in an interview with Xinhua. "Because the quality of infrastructure is high, the public is present to mobilize athletes, and also because we find in these games an organization that is international."

According to Piccirillo, a total of 82 records of CISM affiliated events have been rewritten in the 7th CWG.

The president described the 7th CWG with the key words of "historical" and "peace."

Piccirillo picked the word historical because it is the first time for the CWG to have over 9,000 participants from 109 countries. Besides, the investment for games organization, including the infrastructure, the mobilization of volunteers and the passion from Chinese people have also set a new record.

Explaining the word peace, he said, "because the message that is carried by a whole people, because beyond the games, it is all the Chinese people who are spreading this message of solidarity and peace, which corresponds to 'friendship through sport,' the motto of the CISM, " said the president.

The 35 sports venues for the CWG, as most of which are located near residential areas or at universities, will be open to citizens and students after the games.

"Sports facilities will be used by citizens of Wuhan. And around these games there has been a mobilization and an energy that has developed and will continue, particularly with respect to the younger generations," he said.

"At the same time, it is an opportunity to pass messages of friendship and peace, which will be relayed in these 109 countries, even elsewhere," Piccirillo added. "So, it's an intangible heritage, about values, about how we will think games tomorrow, which will certainly inspire us from what has been done for the CWG. "

"We also have about 20 military world championships a year, and we are constantly looking for cities to organize these championships, so we always hope to come back in Wuhan for our military world championships," added CISM secretary general Mamby Koita.

[Editor WANG Zhijun]