Large Screen, Unmanned Vehicle Command Center, photo by SUN Jun

On October 18, 2019, Wuhan will witness the opening of the 7th CISM Military World Games (7th CWG), a gala in the 5G era to be aired via 5G technology. The reporter of Changjiang Daily has learned that all venues are covered by the Games-exclusive 5G network to allow “offsite panoramic views”.

Live pictures to be shared via 5G

The Main Media Center has a quite tall neighbor in Wuhan Sports Center, a 40-meter-high metrocell equipped with 5G devices in a 40-kg box.

The reporter of Changjiang Daily learned from the three major telecom operators that, all the venues, the Athletes’ Village and the reception hotels are covered by 5G network. 5G Indoor Distribution Systems are in place in Wuhan Sports Center Stadium & Gymnasium, 7th CWG Media Center and Wuhan Five Rings Sports Center Gymnasium, and 109 5G metrocells around the venues are ready to serve the Games.

5G will help share the Games since the opening ceremony on October 18.

CCTV will use its exclusive 5G channel to transmit live videos from venues, as well as up-to-date TV technologies in broadcasting and production.

Event results will be reported via high-speed 5G network.

A 5G Tech Experience Hall will display 5G, VR and AI technologies in the Athletes’ Village.

5G APP “expos” will be staged in the venues, including 5G-AR Guide, 5G-AR Map, 5G-VR games, 5G-VR live broadcasting, 5G remote medical care, 5G security guard, etc. Want to know the details about, for example, a racing horse? Just wear the VR glasses and take a look at her, and you’ll immediately see the reports in video, text and image.

Via 5G+VR360o live picture technology, visitors may also take a tour in Zhiyin Ship and Hubei Provincial Museum—China’s first “5G Smart Museum”, and be amazed by the high-speed network 10-time faster than 4G.

5G also covers transport hubs such as Wuhan Tianhe International Airport and the three railway stations, East Lake Greenway, Tongji Hospital, Wuhan Union Hospital and Wuhan Children’s Hospital, especially Wuhan Tiandi, CBD, Financial Street, Chu River and Han Street, and Wuguang, Hezuo Road, Optics Valley, Zhongnan Road, Jiedaokou and Wangjiawan business circles.

Smart scenarios available in Wuhan

Unmanned vehicle being faster and safer

Unmanned vehicle experienced for free

On September 30, the reporter of Changjiang Daily paid an interesting visit in the Intelligent Connected Vehicle (ICV) Test & Demonstration Zone. Unmanned buses, taxis, shuttles, sweepers and Apollo, world’s first mass-production L4 driverless bus, were being tested. Beside the road are “smart poles” equipped with smart sensors in support of auto pilot. It is said the vehicles will be available for free experience during the Games.

Wuhan Research Institute of New-energy Automotive Technologies is the city’s Unmanned Vehicle Command Center.

Engineer DING Xutao, from CM Intelligent Mobility under China Mobile, introduced that, during the Games, citizens may ride the unmanned buses, taxis, shuttles and sweepers in the ICV Zone. All they have to do is waiting at the stations and the vehicles will automatically make route plans and pick them up.

Apollo, China’s first commercial driverless bus made by Baidu, was ready to commence its first ride. The reporter checked it and found no wheel, brake or accelerator on the “best ever”, most automated L4 unmanned vehicle.

According to Mr. DING, when approaching a sharp turn, Apollo will process the road information received from the roadside units in the Internet of vehicles and captured by its onboard sensors, and adjust its speed and direction accordingly. In intersection scenario, it interacts with Huawei traffic light system and goes through complicated intersections in a safe speed.

Within the micro-circulation of the ICV Zone, the max speed is designed at 60km/h and cruise speed at 20km/h. When it comes a new scenario, road map will be gathered and imported to the system, routes and stops planned, and tests made, and then the vehicles may be put on the way. “5G network allows system and device to respond within 0.1 second. In case of unexpected barriers, unmanned vehicle may put on the brake in 0.1 second. It’s much faster and safer.”

The Virtual Announcer

“Today is Sunday, October 6, 2019. You’re listening to the Virtual Announcer.” During the Games, the AI Virtual Announcer, who greets you every day, will be reporting highlights of the event. The Virtual Announcer (VA) is presented by iFLYTEK, the Chinese AI leader that has its R&D center and its second HQ located in Wuhan.

LI Songzao, Hubei market head of iFLYTEK, told us this is multimode speech synthesis based on gathered real announcer’s profile, audio and video data and comprising a number of AI technologies such as deep learning, multimode synthesis, image processing and machine translation. In line with given instructions, VA will exactly mouth the reports in Chinese, English, Japanese and Korean.

Smart power supply system

The smart power supply system, an AI-based system integrating IOT, AI, VR, robotics, big data, cloud computing and 5G, has been officially launched to support the Games. “The system relieves power staff from heavy labor work. They now may sit before PC and screen checking key information via the 3D virtual models generated from real scenarios, and analyze, diagnose and handle risk warnings produced by the system.”

Self-service registration available for foreigners

Foreigners in Wuhan are happy with the self-service terminals in Guandong Police Station, Ideal City Police Office, XIA Qingliang Police Office and Tong’anli Party-mass Service Center, especially the user-friendly “foreigners’ self-service registration” feature for temporary lodgers. Applications can be filled, sealed and printed via the machine, saving time from manual formalities.

In Wuhan Citizens Home, foreigners may complete the recruitment, public security, foreign expert, commerce, entry/exit inspection and quarantine formalities online through the dedicated foreigners’ window. Foreign talents no longer have to visit five competent authorities.

Unmanned vehicle, Virtual Announcer, smart power supply… Wuhan is ready to present the 7th CWG in a smart city. (Reporter SUN Jun, LI Jia, WANG Yang, WANG Kai; Correspondent TAN Wantian)

(Editor NIE Yang)