The 7th CISM Military World Games (7th CWG) has made family reunion come true for athletes who have been receiving intensive trainings. Athletes’ parents from home and abroad come to Wuhan to cheer for their children.

Danish athlete Sara Hjalager reunited with her parents who have come to Wuhan from her. In her dad’s backpack, there are full of Danish national flags and a map of Wuhan. "We arrived at Wuhan on Oct. 18. We want to see the place where Sara will compete. Wuhan is amazing. The food here is tastily spicy."

Sara Hjalager's parents

Upon arrival of the venue for Obstacle Run of Military Pentathlon on Oct. 20, the two of them joined the "Danish Parents Forces." The journalists noticed that quite a few athletes' families have come to cheer for them. In the whole afternoon, Sara was explaining Men’s Obstacle Run for her dad.

Foreign parents have come to cheer for an away game. As the home field, the venue has also seen many Chinese parent cheerleaders.

At the evening of Oct. 20, in the Women's 200-meter Freestyle Final of the 7th CWG, the 17-year-old Chinese female contestant, YANG Junxuan, won the gold medal.

YANG Junxuan's mother cheering at the awarding ceremony

At the awarding ceremony, an excited lady stood out among the audience with a cartoon fan in her left hand and a banner in the other. It’s learnt that the excited lady is YANG Junxuan's mother. She exclaimed that she came to Wuhan from Shandong to cheer for her daughter. "I'm so happy to witness my daughter win the championship. I’m so proud of her!"

(Reporter LI Jia, SHU Xiao, QIU Chen) [Editor NIE Yang]