Athletes in the village showed great interest in Chinese culture, especially Chinese calligraphy. Under the guidance of volunteers, many athletes were able to try this ancient art. They could use a calligraphy brush and ink to create a few Chinese characters and even see how their name would look when written in Chinese.

Chinese paintings and calligraphy enamored the athletes and were a top choice for souvenirs.

One of the volunteers, Huang Danping, said during peak periods, around seven hundred athletes came to learn calligraphy every day. Athletes wanted their names painted on T-shirts and the volunteers were happy to oblige.

Indonesian athlete Agus Prayogo was a happy shopper. He bought a Chinese painting at the village and said he loved Chinese culture, especially Chinese characters written with a calligraphy brush. The painting he chose featured a character, "静 (jìng)," which means tranquility. He said that this character always brings a sense of Zen to him.

(By Yang Feng & Wang Youmin) [Editor NIE Yang]