Pentathletes pose for photos with Chinese servicemen after the cross-country race of women's individual military pentathlon on Oct. 23.

LI Yongxing with Dutch lifesaving team    Photo by YAN Jun & WANG Lu

The 7th CWG is in full swing in Wuhan, and athletes from all over the world are showing their perseverance and sportsmanship in each and every competition. These events have helped to foster friendships among citizens and participants who are all interested in peaceful and harmonious relationships.

Athletes rest during intervals.   Photo by LI Yonggang

Opponents but Friends

At the Volunteers Home in the Athletes' Village, there is a wall where athletes can leave messages. Reading the messages, one can feel their friendship building.

Iana Egorian from Russia and Qian Jiarui from China competed against each other in the women's individual sabre final. After the competition, they chatted merrily on the podium and took photos together. Iana Egorian asked Qian to take her to try some local food, solidifying their friendship.

HUI Zicheng (R) wins 300m standard 3 positions individual.   Photo source: Xinhua News Agency

Exchanging Gifts

On Oct. 22, 200m obstacle swim, 100m manikin tow with fins, and 4×50m medley relay kicked off at Wuhan Five Rings Sports Center. After the competition, one of the Dutch athletes didn't leave right away but chose to give a special gift to volunteer Li Yongxing. Li served as an assistant for the Netherlands delegation during lifesaving games, providing guidance and interpretation for the athletes.

The gift was a ceramic pot with scenery of Amsterdam's streets painted on it, and a bag of waffles packed carefully in a blue gift box. Li was delighted with the unexpected gift and sent a traditional folding fan in exchange. The fan had two Chinese characters "清风(qīng fēng)" on it, which means gentle breeze.

Primary student XI Ziyang presents gift to Thai coordinator.

Establishing friendship

The warmth between participants transcends boundaries. Peng Yiting, a sophomore at Wuhan Polytechnic, is a language volunteer. She received a badge from the German delegation on the first day of the military pentathlon. Peng said that the first event of the military pentathlon was shooting. Immediately before the game, the German team found no earplugs were prepared. Peng rushed to solve this issue, and finally got earplugs for the athletes to complete the game. "They expressed thanks to me by giving me an official badge of the German delegation," Peng said.

On Oct. 19, Xi Ziyang, a local primary school student happened to take a seat adjacent to Marut Rodboon, a Thai coordinator, when enjoying a boxing game with his family. Rodboon gave his badge to the little boy as a present, and they took some photos together.

In order to express his gratitude, Xi went back to the gymnasium the day after, giving Rodboon flowers and a Han embroidery of the Yellow Crane Tower. The coordinator was touched, saying that he never expected to have such a little friend here. He would like to continue this friendship and keep in touch with Xi.

(Reporter Li Wei, Li Jia & Cai Xinxing) [Editor NIE Yang]