Since the opening of the 7th CISM Military World Games (7th CWG), local citizens and volunteers are doing their best to offer various services covering protocol reception, language, traffic guidance and more. Their efforts have offered participants for the 7th CWG an unforgettable game experience.

Helpful Volunteers

The Registration Center of the CWG is in charge of signing in all attendees. Up till now, 123,000 participants have been registered.

A total of 37 staffers, proficient in English, French and Spanish, are providing round-the-clock service for all the delegations at the Athletes' Village. Shen Lingsong, assistant from the registration center, has established many friendships with the delegates who have given him badges as gifts for his services like providing guidance, helping them check information and get access to the network.

Earnest Police

Every day from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m., more than 450 delegation members set out from the Athletes' Village for an evening outing. Their tours are made easier with the help of policemen around the city.

On the evening of Oct. 18, Shen Chenchen, a policeman, was patrolling along Xudong Avenue with his colleagues when he found a foreigner having difficulties catching a taxi. Shen went over to ask if he could be of help. He found out that the international visitor, a swimming athlete from Qatar, wanted to return to the Athletes' Village after going shopping alone but was unable to communicate with taxi drivers. Shen and his colleagues helped the grateful swimmer return to the Village.

Smooth Transportation

The Wuhan Transportation Committee launched an initiative appealing for citizens to travel by public transport. During the Games, Wuhan Metro offers each passenger RMB 1 off per trip.

Lanes, exclusive for CISM transportation vehicles, have been put into use since the morning of Oct. 15 in order to ensure participants' smooth arrival at their venues. Michael Gottlieber, the media officer of the Austrian mission, said that he had taken the CISM commuter bus a number of times and never met with any congestion. He wanted to give a thumbs-up to Wuhan citizens for their hospitality in making way for the 7th CWG.

Enthusiastic Audience

Audiences also deserve an outstanding performance award. Over the past match days, the audience cheered and clapped for all the athletes, regardless of their nationalities.

On Oct. 23, the audience cheered for a Nepalese athlete who lagged behind in the individual men's swimming warm-up of modern pentathlon.

Expatriates living in Wuhan showed support for their nation's teams on site. On Oct. 22, Gohar Saeed, a Pakistani student studying in Wuhan, and his compatriots went to the Jianghan University Gymnasium to support the Pakistan's men's volleyball team. They cheered and waved flags in the auditorium as they watched their team win the game.

(Reporter Li Wei, Wei Na, Gao Meng, Liu Shu & Wang Xiangli) [Editor NIE Yang]