“Wuhan is very beautiful, every event of the Games is very well organized, and every venue is also very good.” Major General Pedro Jose Garcia Cifo, Chief of the Spanish Mission, said in an interview, “The competition venues of the Games and the room, food and service in Athletes’ Village are excellent.”

Major General Pedro Jose Garcia Cifo said, “It is very difficult to organize such a large-scale international event. That requires a lot of equipment and people. The event in Wuhan is very well organized and well considered. The Athletes’ Village is great. Our athletes all enjoy living there.”

Parachuting is the favorite competition of Major General Pedro Jose Garcia Cifo. He said, “When I was young, I participated in Parachuting competitions and had achieved good results. The facilities in the Parachuting competition venue and tents of Wuhan Hannan General Airport are well-equipped, which are the best I have seen since I participated in Parachuting competitions. The organizers thought it over. After the competition, athletes can rest in tents, which give them a feeling of home.”

Major General Pedro Jose Garcia Cifo said, “162 Spanish athletes have taken part in 17 events of the Games and got good results. Thanks, Wuhan! Thanks, China!”

(Reporter TANG Yu, FU Sha, Correspondents HE Jijun, XIONG Xuejun) [Editor NIE Yang]