On Oct. 25, Jorge Antonio Smicelato, Chief of the Brazilian Mission, told reporters, “We have a good impression of this city. In fact, we had known before we came here that the city had been preparing for the Games for a long time, but when we arrived, we were still very surprised. Apart from the infrastructure, what surprised us even more was the hospitality from the people of Wuhan. People here are very enthusiastic and would like to offer some help to us whether we are inside or outside of Athletes’ Village.”

About Chinese soldiers, Jorge Antonio Smicelato said, “The competition between us and Chinese soldiers is very fierce. We also know that they’re very competitive. They are excellent and have achieved great results. The Chinese soldiers who provide security for the event are organized and disciplined. They are also very enthusiastic and seize every opportunity to interact with us.”

Jorge Antonio Smicelato said, “These days, I get up at 6 a.m. every morning and run and exercise in the lakeside park as an ordinary foreigner. I often receive the smiles and greetings from passers-by. I can feel the warmth and friendship of the people of Wuhan towards foreign guests. This is my first visit to China. If I have another chance, I will bring my family to this beautiful country and to meet with these friendly people.”

(Reporter OUYANG Song, Correspondents LIU Xiong, LI You) [Editor NIE Yang]