"I love Wuhan." On Oct. 23, Colonel Gebuhrer, chief of the French Mission, wrote "Wuhan" in pinyin to convey his love for Wuhan.

He said that during the 7th CISM Military World Games (7th CWG), he saw that Chinese soldiers are competent, and sports are very important in the Chinese army. He personally went to the contest venue to "superintend soldiers at the front" and cheer for them, and awarded the medals to the players after the contest.

Gebuhrer is a funny person and an Army Colonel in French force. He told reporters that LI Na, the tennis star from Wuhan, told him that Wuhan is a populous city. "It’s until I came here that I came to realize how big the city is, how beautiful the East Lake is and what a harmony life people lead. I hope that we keep the friendship forever and convey the spirit of CWG."

(Reporter XIE Binglin) [Editor NIE Yang]