N'Nang Ndong Pamphile, chief of the Gabonese Mission, said that he felt the enthusiasm of the locals in Wuhan these days. In particular, volunteers’ caring service impressed him most. "The smile of the volunteers is the most beautiful business card of the 7th CISM Military World Games (7th CWG)."

He told journalists that many contestants from the Gabonese Mission were particularly satisfied with the modern contest venues in Wuhan. “The CWG held in this city is the best organized events I have participated in.”

“Surprises can be found everywhere!” said N'Nang Ndong Pamphile. “This is the first time I come to China. From the opening ceremony of the 7th CWG, to a walk on the commercial street of the Athletes’ Village, I can feel the long-standing Chinese culture wherever I go. If I’ll tell my wife what I saw and heard after returning home, she will definitely want to come to Wuhan for a holiday! I told my wife that many of the staff here wear elegant uniforms with Chinese elements. My wife deliberately told me these days that after the 7th CWG, I must bring her traditional Chinese clothes back."

(Reporter SU Jinni, LIU Chenwei) [Editor NIE Yang]