Lt. Col. Seungjae LIM, chief of the Korean Mission, said he was satisfied with the catering, accommodation and services of the 7th CISM Military World Games (7th CWG), especially the warm services provided by the staff and volunteers, which makes him feel at home and shows the hospitality of Wuhan people.

It is informed that in 18 sports, including Men's Volleyball, Badminton, Judo, Taekwondo, Table tennis, etc. Korean athletes participated in this CWG, they played to the normal level and achieved good results. However, LIM said the overall performance of Korean athletes has not yet met expectations. “Of course, we are here not only for the sake of the results, but also to enhance the friendship with the soldiers of all countries, friendship is obviously more important than the contest,” said LIM.

LIM had been to Wuhan in this July and felt that Wuhan is a metropolis, with similar urban pattern with Seoul, the capital of Korea. Wuhan has the Yangtze River, and Seoul has the Han River. “When I past the Wuhan Yangtze Bridge on the car, I felt like it was Han River in Seoul, which makes me feel very close like hometown.”

It is understood that during the CWG, LIM also went to the Yellow Crane Tower, Jianghan Road Shopping Cluster and other tourist attractions and business circles. To his surprise, Wuhan is a city with hustle and bustle, high-rise buildings neatly arranged, and the people are also very hospitable. Streets in Wuhan are very clean and green. "I will introduce Wuhan to my family and friends. I’m told that Wuhan will experience sounder economic development and become a better metropolis. I cheer for Wuhan."

(Reporter OUYANG Song) [Editor NIE Yang]