Chief of the Ukraine Mission, Yurii Finohenov said, “After we arrived the Athletes’ Village, Chinese organizers kindly arranged us on connected floors in the same building, which brought a great convenience to us. At the same time, they helped us to arrange all the work very appropriately, and the accommodations are very comfortable. Considering needs of different countries and ethnic groups, the restaurant provides foods in halal, European and East Asian flavors. The volunteers are very professional and always wear smiling faces. Security personnel make great efforts in good security and order. It can be seen from these aspects that this session of 7th CISM Military World Games (7th CWG) is organized carefully in an all-round way.”

Sports that Ukrainian athletes participated in include Swimming, Fencing, Judo, Wrestling, Military Pentathlon and Modern Pentathlon, and they made better achievements. Yurii Finohenov told us, “I like Chinese athletes very much. I saw how the Chinese coaches train their athletes, as well as their preparatory work for the games. This time, we not only enjoy the games, but also find out Chinese athletes are very great.”

According to Yurii Finohenov, his friends who’ve been to China shared their impressions about China with him. They all felt very satisfied with their trip to China. China’s history, culture and scenery, as well as the enthusiasm for foreign friends all make Ukrainian people feel very good. “My daughter is a college student now. If there is a chance in the future, I hope I can show her around Wuhan, the City of Universities.”

(Reporter OUYANG Song) [Editor NIE Yang]