On Oct. 22, at Air Force Early Warning Academy, Chief of the Norwegian Mission, Hilde Solheim, praised generous and thoughtful organization of the Games in Wuhan in an interview when watching Fencing games of Aeronautical Pentathlon.

“I’m very satisfied with the performance of our athletes. Because the Chinese team is the home team, I can feel the pressure on their shoulders. I admire their anti-pressure ability,” she said.

Before arriving in Wuhan, Hilde Solheim and the mission members learned through the Internet that Wuhan is a big city. “Wuhan has a population of over 11 million, while Norway has only over 5 million,” she said, “Wuhan is really big.” After arriving in Wuhan, she found that Wuhan not only does a good job in greening, but also has warm and hospitable citizens, and the games were excellent in both organization and service. At the Athletes’ Village, she felt very convenient because she can enjoy diverse international food from 6:00 a.m. to early hours in the next morning.

After the Games, she’s going shopping in downtown Wuhan and visit famous scenic spots by subway.

(Reporter SUN Jun & GUO Jia, Correspondents LU Ming & LIU Pei) [Editor NIE Yang]