Li Meizhen, 20, is a member from the Bayi Track and Field (Orienteering) Team. She used to practice middledistance running, but changed to orienteering at the end of last year.

According to Tao Dezhou, the team coach, they have been established for only a short time, and most of the team members have just joined. The first task after the formation of the team is to participate in the 7th CWG.

Orienteering Newcomer Trainning

"Before practicing orienteering, I thought it was quite simple, but later I found it was not a simple task," Li said. She was far behind her teammates because she was not good at reading maps.

Athletes need to complete the tasks marked on the map by using a compass and a card to record relevant data in an orienteering competition. "Not only do they need to run fast, but they also need to find the location of the task points to accomplish them accurately. Therefore, the ability to read a map is very important," Tao said.

Through repeated training, Li caught up with her teammates. "I just don't want to lose. Orienteering is like life. You may feel fatigue and encounter obstacles. Yet you can always find surprises and joy," she said.

(Reporter:Hu Xuexuan & Huang Zheng) [Editor HONG Zhixuan]