One of the hottest events of the 7th CISM Military World Games (7th CWG), Track & Field, kicked off on Oct. 22 at Wuhan Five Rings Sports Center. However, some of the competitions were given "cold shoulders." And there were even competitions with only one athlete.

This is a medal ceremony for only one person. On the platform stands the 46-year-old military man from the Netherlands, Edwin Vermetten. In 2001, he was wounded in Poland. It was sports that helped him gain hope in life. In the 7th CWG, he claimed the championship in the event of Men's Para 100-M IT4. Standing alone on the platform, he was given the warmest applauds from the spectators and a gold medal and a mascot from the presenter.

Vermetten said, "Though I'm all by myself, I feel happy and proud of myself. I'm happy to be able to claim the championship in China. I hope more military men with disabilities will participate next time. And I'm given so much attention in this event."

A Ugandan athlete, Sam Mubaje, who had similar experience as Vermetten, won the first gold medal of his life in Men’s Para 100-M IT3. He said, "It's a little embarrassing to stand alone on the platform, because there are usually three people standing there. But this is a rare opportunity. It's a display of the spirit of competition. Even there's only one athlete, he has to compete till the end." In the evening of Oct. 22, Mubaje competed with 3 other athletes in Men’s Para 400-M IT3 and claimed the championship again with a time of 57.21 seconds.

In Men's Para 400-M IT1 Final, Gunasekaran Anandan from India claimed the championship with a time of 53.35 seconds. In Men's Para 400-M IT5 Final, Sebastien Pradalier from France won the gold medal with a time of 89.97 seconds by rolling his wheelchair straight to the deadline. In Women's Para 400-M IT3 Final, Sabrina Daulaus from France claimed the championship with a time of 72.74 seconds.

[Editor HONG Zhixuan]