What makes prizes for the 7th CWG

medals and trophies distinctive?

The medal straps are made of high-count and high-density silk with brightly-colored embroidery of emblem, which has smooth and clear lines. Apart from CISM (International Military Sports Council) logo and emblem of the 7th CWG, the medals also use other visual elements, such as pentagram, wing, road, finishing tape for breasting after sprint, the Great Wall, plum blossoms and Yellow Crane Tower.

Trophy Design Centered on Spirit of Olympics

Named “Soaring,” trophies for the 7th CWG use plum blossoms and abstracted doves of peace as the main design elements, composed of number 7 from the emblem of the 7th CWG, tracks and clouds.

The soaring dove of peace means not only “World Peace,” but also athletes striving for a good performance in the 7th CWG.

Medal ceremony music conveys spirit of ‘Friendship through Sport’

Medal ceremony music is original and consists of prompt music, entrance music, awarding music and exit music. The sound of chime bells (Chinese musical instrument consisting of a set of bronze bells) and Bianqing (Chinese percussion instrument consisting of a set of L-shaped flat stone chimes) in the music add a touch of oriental mystery.