Since the Wuhan International Expo Center opened in 2012, the number of exhibitions held in this city has skyrocketed. In 2013, Wuhan held more than 600 exhibitions, three times of the figure in 2012. These exhibitions have made Wuhan more influential internationally and piqued the interest of some well-known entrepreneurs, such as the CEO of Ford and the president of Volvo.

Some of the well-known exhibitions held in Wuhan in 2013 include the 2013 Global Automotive Forum, China International Pharmaceutical Industry Exhibition (CHINA PHARM), China Food & Drinks Fair, and World Emerging Industries Summit.

The director of the municipal exhibitions office said, "By hosting exhibitions like the China Food & Drinks Fair and the China Sport Show and by continuously striving to further develop this city's facilities, Wuhan is becoming better qualified to host major exhibitions. The completion of the Wuhan International Expo Center has definitely added value and prominence to the city." In the year of 2014, the China Sport Show was held in Wuhan; the total exhibition area was 120,000 square meters.

China Sport Show held in Wuhan in May 2014

A grand exhibition can directly boost the city's relevant industries and have a profound impact on the city's industrial development. Take the China Sport Show as an example. It was held in Wuhan once 20 years ago. Because of that event, a sporting goods street was set up near Wuhan Hongshan Stadium; this, in turn, led to the development of the local sporting goods retail industry.

After a 17-year absence, Hubei Province once again hosted the China Sport Show, which is an exhibition that aims to promote the sale of sporting goods and sporting goods manufacturing. The director of the Hubei Administration of Sport said,

"Sporting goods manufacturing is a pillar industry in Jinjiang, Fujian Province. There is a large college student population in Wuhan; however, there are not so many sporting goods manufacturing centers in Hubei. College students are a significant part of the modern consumer market. It is now the perfect time to develop the sporting goods market in Wuhan and other cities in Hubei."

According to statistics, an investment in the exhibition industry will generate a nine fold increase in consumer spending in relevant fields; in 2013, exhibitions held in Wuhan generated RMB 4 billion in revenue. 

Girls taking photos during the 2013 Global Automotive Forum