In the early afternoon of July 1, 2,000 tons of steel coils produced by the Wuhan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd.(WISCO) were loaded and then shipped directly from the Wuhan Yangluo Port to the Pohang Port in the Republic of Korea without transiting in the port of Shanghai. The entire voyage takes only seven days, which is at least one and a half days shorter than the previous method of transit.

Pohang is an important industrial city in the Republic of Korea with a large demand for steel. The Republic of Korea is an important trading country for Wuhan. At present, more than 100 Korean companies have settled in Wuhan and there are over 1,000 Koreans living in Wuhan. Korean entrepreneurs have invested in high-tech industries such as petrochemicals, steel machinery, biomedicine, food, and finance, and have achieved remarkable developments. Since 2000, the trade volume between Wuhan and the Republic of Korea has maintained an annual growth rate of over 20%. Eighty-five percent of the goods traded between the Republic of Korea and Wuhan is transported by water.