Every year, over 30,000 foreign nationals come to Optics Valley for exchange programs, study, work, or business. Among them, about 2,500 from over 50 countries, including Canada, Japan, the Republic of Korea, Singapore, and the U.S., live in Optics Valley, which has become an international free port for talent.

Jack Sumner and Dan Kumdis from the U.K. are teachers with Wuhan Textile University, teaching English and visual design respectively. Last month, they each received a reminder of their residence expiration from the immigration service of the East Lake High-tech Development Zone. On July 4 they came together to the designated window in the Public Service Center of the development zone and applied for a long-term residence permit extension. Sumner said that he has been in Wuhan for seven years and will consider permanent residence in the future. With documents prepared in advance for the application, they spent only five minutes waiting at the window before they happily got their extended long-term residence permit.