Foreign expats taste homemade tea

Changjiang Weekly invited 15 expatriates from France, Russia, the U.S., Brazil and India to visit Boquan Town in the Wuhan Airport Economic Development Zone on June 28 to learn about Chinese folk art.

Chinese Folk Art Experience Day is part of a larger series of "Knowing Wuhan, Feeling the Village" events. Organized by the Wuhan Airport Economic Development Zone, the event invited young people living in Wuhan to visit the city's countryside and gave them the opportunity to learn about local lifestyles, customs and folklore.
Boquan Town is a historical village built 3,000 years ago. It is home to over 30 cultural and historical heritage sites and several craftsmen.

The foreign participants, along with local Chinese students, observed Chinese folk art performances like paper cutting, tea brewing, charcoal carving, woodcarving and flower making with silk and wire. They also received many gifts from the craftsmen. Angela, an American, said that her favorite piece was an orchid charcoal carving because it looked beautiful. Her 8-year-old son preferred a snake-shaped wood carving that was as tall as he.

The expatriates finished their visit by strolling through the town's heritage sites. They visited Jingde Temple and Boquan Well, both built in the Tang dynasty. They described the lotus pond behind Boquan Well as peaceful and calming. Overall, the visitors enjoyed a relaxing day in Boquan Town, an escape from the city's hustle and bustle.