The Wuhan Municipal Investment Promotion Bureau released the latest Wuhan investment project pamphlet to the public on July 19, publishing information on 452 projects for domestic and foreign investors to choose from. The projects mainly cover nine major industries, and the investment scale is expected to exceed RMB 1 trillion.

Among the investment projects are 57 projects with an investment worth of more than RMB 5 billion each, including 34 projects valued over RMB 10 billion each. The projects involve nine major categories, including strategically emerging industries, internet and big data, cultural creativity and eco-environmental protection.

The investment project pamphlet contains brief introductions to the projects, the proposed investment scales, contact information and other details. It also includes details about the city space layout, the main urban lands, the forestry area and the road system, to help investors learn about the relevant information about Wuhan.

According to the Wuhan Municipal Investment Promotion Bureau, a variety of large-scale investment activities will be held in the latter half of the year to further introduce and recommend these investment projects to the world, for the purpose of attracting investors from home and abroad and promoting the negotiation of the projects. At the same time, the "招商武汉" WeChat public account, Changjiang Daily and other media will join in the publicity efforts by regularly publicizing the project information to attract foreign investment. (By Huang Ying)