First batch of graduates from Silk Road Institute   Photo by Su Hongtao

"I'm in deep love of China. She is my second hometown." As the 99 overseas students from Pakistan, Vietnam, Laos and other countries on the Belt and Road were leaving the Silk Road Institute at the China University of Geosciences (Wuhan), each awarded with an academic degree, they expressed their love for the school as well as for China. This is the first batch of graduates since the founding of the institute in 2014.

Katai from Laos has been studying at China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) for seven years. He is going to pursue his doctorate degree program on mineral economics with Professor Deng Hongbin after obtaining a master's degree. "I love China very much. It has a rich culture and friendly people; life here is simple and safe." He hopes to serve as an ambassador to enhance the friendship between the two countries.

Tariq Farheen from Pakistan has been in China for six months and has passed the HSK Band Five examination. She attributed her progress to the institute's teaching mode as well as the warm help she received from her classmates. "I'll bring the advanced concepts of China back to my own country, and help the Belt and Road Initiative to more closely unite the two countries." (By Yang Jiafeng)