Performance from "Optics Valley" at the press conference  Photo by Xia Jun

"Optics Valley," a modern Beijing opera newly created by the Wuhan Beijing Opera Theater, will be put on at Qintai Grand Theater on September 30.

"Optics Valley" tells how two young men realize the dream of starting their own business against the backdrop of the fast-developing Optics Valley.

At a press conference for the upcoming opera on August 20, actors and actresses of Wuhan Beijing Opera Theater  performed a selection from the opera that take place in a crowded metro station and a busy office building. They also performed a dynamic modern dance, which greatly impressed the media present.

Xiao Jie, director of "Optics Valley," said that this opera highlights not only elements of musicals, but also luminous stage designs.

"It is not appropriate to say that it is a Beijing-Opera Musical, however," said Xiao, pointing out that all the innovations they have made in the opera are in line with the graceful and impressionist style of Beijing Opera. (By Huang Lijuan)