The 2018 China Automobile and Motorcycle Sports Games were held at the Wuhan Sports Center from October 2 to 7. During the event, 219 competitors and nearly 200 vehicles gathered in Wuhan. The festival included seven major automobile and motorcycle events, three exhibition matches, two other exhibitions, a music festival, an interactive carnival and a food festival.

Zhan Guojun, chairman of the Federation of Automobile and Motorcycle Sports of China, said that it is the largest auto race at the highest level in China, and it will be held over five consecutive years in Wuhan, from 2018 to 2022.


The 2018 China Automobile and Motorcycle Sports Games by the numbers

Seven events

These Games include a world-class championship and six national championships: World Touring Car Championship, China Touring Car Championship, FIA F4 Chinese Championship, China Truck Racing Championship, China GT Championship, China Endurance Championship, and China Drift Championship.

2.984 kilometers

The total length of the track is 2.984 kilometers long with a design speed of 238 km/h.

1 minute 20.485 seconds

At the China Endurance Championships on October 7, Mao Junhao set the new street race record in 1:20.485.

120 minutes and 120 seconds

The longest final was the China Automobile Endurance Championship (CEC) on October 7, lasting 120 minutes. The shortest final was the China Drift Championship which finished within 120 seconds.

0.958 meters and 3.95 meters

The shortest car came from the FIA F4 Chinese Championship which was only 0.958 meters tall. On the other end of the spectrum, trucks in the China Truck Racing Championship can reach 3.95 meters in height.


Chinese driver wins pole position in F4 qualifying session

Two racing cars drifting on the track. Photo by Zhan Song

On October 3, the qualifying session of FIA F4 Chinese Championship started at the Wuhan Sports Center. The top 12 drivers from home and abroad competed fiercely. In the end, Zheng Wancheng from China with a time of 1:24.013 won the pole position (the initial leading position) in the official match.

The qualifying session is so important that they cannot afford to waste even one millisecond. In the official race, the racing drivers need to drive 18 laps, each of which equals 2.984 kilometers.


Li Mei: the sole female drift driver from Wuhan

Li Mei, 27, was one of the three female drivers in the drift race and the only one from Wuhan. Li has been practicing drifting for the past two years. Li wears special fireproof clothing and shoes. To improve the power of the car, there is no air conditioning in the car. The temperature inside the cabin can reach as high as 40 or 50 degrees centigrade. Despite the hard work, Li still focuses on drifting with great passion, "To be a qualified drift driver, you need to be skillful and competitive, which can relieve my pressure and improve my mental state."