After 147 games in the past five years, the Wuhan Zall football team clinched its promotion to the Chinese Super League (CSL) with three games remaining on their schedule. This means Wuhan's football team finally regained its position in the top professional league of Chinese football. Zhongnan University of Economics and Law Stadium, the venue of the fierce game on October 6, turned into a sea of joy in a flash. Nearly 10,000 fans shook various banners to celebrate the Wuhan Zall's return to the Chinese Super League (CSL).

Yan Zhi, chairman of Zall Group, issued an open letter immediately after the game on October 6. He said in his letter that the Wuhan Zall has been committed to arduous training for years and finally realized its promise of returning to the Chinese Super

League (CSL). He, together with Zall Group, will fully support the Zall professional football team in its efforts to achieve greater success.

A draw in the fierce match between Wuhan Zall and Meixian Techand gives Wuhan Zall Zall players celebrate after the enough points for promotion.