The Yangtze Riverand the Han Riverconverge in Wuhan

Wuhan,capital of Central China's Hubei Province, is a city with over 3,500 years of history; Wuhan is the largest city in Central China and among the top 10 megacities nationwide. It has long been an economic, industrial,and transportation hub for both the region and the country.

Located at the junction of the Yangtze River,the third longest river in the world,and the Han River,its largest tributary,Wuhan consists of three main areas : Hankou, Hanyang, and Wuchang.

The total area of Wuhan is 8,494 square kilometers and its residential population is over 13 milion.Wuhan has 166 lakes scattered about the city. For this reason,it is commonly called the "City of Lakes."Numerous aspects of this city's rich culture have been shaped by its water resources and other naturalfeatures.

Wuhan has a privileged location, for it is situated at the geographical center of the country. Because of its location and advanced transportation facilities, Wuhan is historically referred to as the "thoroughfare to nine provinces."

This city is an important base for scientific research and education. It has more than 80 universities and over one million university students.

In recent years, 256 of the world's top 500 international companies have settled in Wuhan. There are now direct flights to 55 international destinations, as well as Taiwan, HongKong, and Macao.

The United States, the United Kingdom, France, and the Republic of Korea have established consulates here in Wuhan. This city now has 27 sister cities and 81 friendly exchange cities worldwide.

At any given time, Wuhan has at least 15,000 long-term expatriates taking up residence, and receives around 200,000 foreign visitors annually.

To further promote the development of domestic production capabilities and to accelerate the formation of new engines for China's economic and social development, the State Council has selected eight areas to be included in a national comprehensive innovation and reform pilot program. Wuhan is the only city in Central China chosen to participate.