Kim Young Geun walks along the East Lake Greenway. Photo by Hu Jiusi

Kim Young Geun, the Consul General of the Republic of Korea in Wuhan, took a hiking challenge along the East Lake Greenway on Oct. 28 and achieved his goal that he had set. From 5:20 a.m. to 4:26 p.m., he walked for 49.6 kilometers, 64,460 steps in total, covering the main section of the East Lake Greenway (the total length of the greenway is 102 kilometers).


According to Kim Young Geun, two main reasons drove him to take this challenge. The first one was the fascinating scenery along the East Lake Greenway, and the second was his desire to promote East Lake. He said that East Lake is not only a symbol of Wuhan, but also the epitome of the combination of natural scenery and modern technology in China. "East Lake is a perfect place to visit with your family members, friends and lovers. You can have a glimpse of the future China through this rapidly developing city."

He added that he will join in the Wuhan Marathon and the Yangtze River Crossing Festival in the future to gain a deeper experience of the city.