Water Confluences Ceremony Photo by Li Yonggang

On October 28 at the Water Confluence Ceremony of the forum, representatives from 11 different river basins worldwide poured water from their respective rivers into the same container. The ceremony symbolizes the spirit of the forum: integrating the open and inclusive Chinese spirit into the great process of building a shared future of mankind, via dialogues, in the context of the world's great river basins.

"This bottle of water travelled 8,000 kilometers from Egypt to Wuhan," said Ossama Abdel Meguid, director of the Center for Civilization and Creativity. He is the representative from the Nile Basin. He said that the water was collected from the Aswan section of the Nile. Located near Aswan, the world-famous Aswan Dam was
an engineering miracle. The dam created a 30% increase of the cultivatable land in Egypt and doubled Egypt's electricity- producing capability. At the forum, Meguid talked about the Nile's protection in the Nubian civilization.

Helmut Habersack, UNESCO Chair on Integrated River Research and Management, represented the Danube River. "Rivers are known to be without borders and they are an integrating element in international cooperation. In the Danube River basin, hydrological and environmental cooperation has a long history. This ceremony is meaningful in that it shows the joint efforts that have been made on a global level to solve many of the issues faced by the world's large rivers," Habersack commented.