About thirty women from 10 countries celebrate International Women's Day on the Zhiyin Cruise.

The Zhiyin cruise is the first multidimensional immersive live show on the Yangtze River. It was unveiled on April 26, 2017.

The show is an experiential play in which spectators and actors interact on an old style sailing ship called Zhiyin, meaning soulmate. As soon as visitors get on board, they get the feeling that they have travelled back to the Wuhan of the 1920s, where they might encounter a fellow passenger ready to share stories with them.

At the show, visitors can listen quietly to stories unfolded in front them from various figures of old Hankou. They can also enjoy the beautiful views of the two bridges over the Yangtze River, the skyscrapers, the night wharfs, Tortoise Hill, and Snake Hill, experiencing a real "sleepless Wuhan City" while the cruise sails on the river.