To welcome the New Year and the opening of the 7th CISM World Games, the 3rd 100-Person Chinese and Foreign Tourists’ Calligraphy Activity was held at the Yellow Crane Tower, a famous landmark in Wuhan. The organizer of the activity found 40 calligraphy practitioners from the public, who teamed up with the primary and secondary school students and foreign students, forming a 100-person group to write calligraphy together and welcome the New Year.

In 2019, the 7th CISM World Games has been held in Wuhan. On New Year’s Day, the Yellow Crane Tower invited the Chinese and foreign tourists to form three calligraphy practitioner groups in different age categories, welcoming a happy new year in a traditional way. The activity was held in the west square of the Yellow Crane Tower on January 1st, 2019. On that day, Mr. Li Jinsong, Council Member of China Calligraphers Association and Secretary General of Hubei Calligraphers Association, Mr. Qu Zhongmou, Vice Secretary General of Hubei Calligraphers Association, Vice Chairman of Wuhan Calligraphers Association, and Secretary General of Wuhan Artists Association, Mr. Li Anxun, Member of the Presidium of Wuhan Calligraphers Association and Secretary General of Wuhan Calligraphers Association, and Mr. Jiang Xinwen, Vice President of Yinglian Society of Hubei and Member of Hubei Calligraphers Association, led the 100-person group to write “Share Friendship and Build Peace” together, welcoming the 7th CISM World Games and the New Year. “The mountains outside of the tower bring joys; the CISM World Games creates glory in the town”, “The smooth surface of the Yangtze River reflects thousands of buildings; the love of the world flows along with the ten thousand miles of river”, “The year of the pig sparkles with brilliance; the spring breeze warms up the River City”… 32 spring couplets featuring the theme of the Yellow Crane Tower, which were provided by the South Lake Poetry Society of South Central University for Nationalities, have been displayed at the activity, serving as valuable writing materials for calligraphers. The Chinese and foreign tourists who wrote excellent calligraphy also got the opportunity to win a “Happiness” symbol written by famous calligraphers.

It is reported that the famous Yellow Crane Tower, as the landmark of Wuhan, has held the 100-person calligraphy activity on New Year’s Day for two years in a row to welcome the New Year and introduce the traditional Chinese culture to the world. As the host city of the 7th CISM World Games, Wuhan is determined to be the practitioner and communicator of the core socialist values. In 2019, the Yellow Crane Tower integrated the World Games spirit, “Share Friendship and Build Peace”, into the calligraphy activity. On the special occasion of the New Year and at the special location, the primary and secondary school students, ordinary citizens and foreign friends gathered in Wuhan to write down their hopes and dreams, a special way to show the city’s beauty and hospitality to the world.

This calligraphy activity was sponsored by Wuhan Landscaping and Forestry Administration Bureau, conducted by Hubei Calligraphers Association and Wuhan Calligraphers Association, and co-sponsored by the Yellow Crane Tower Park. From January 1st to 31st, 2019, famous calligraphers have been in the park and writing spring couplets and presenting their New Year’s wishes to tourists who visited the park. For the details of the activity and the means of application, please follow the WeChat official account “Gong Yuan Ke”.