“Ancient Poets’ Odes to Wuhan (Volume 1)” was issued in Wuhan on Jan. 10. This collection of poems, published by Wuhan Press, contains more than 640 Wuhan-related poems by over 350 poets. From “The Book of Songs” to the poems of the Ming and Qing dynasties, this book spans nearly 3,000 years, including poems written by well-known ancient poets such as Li Bai, Jia Dao and Bai Juyi.

From the collection of poems, preferences of poets for the three towns of Wuhan are sorted out. Among the 125 poems of the Tang dynasty, there are 20 poems about the Yellow Crane Tower, which proves the tower’s popularity during the Tang dynasty.

Meanwhile, Jiangxia, Qingchuan Pavilion and Mulan Mountain began to attract attention of some poems. There are 195 poems of the Song dynasty, which describe the scenic spots in Hanyang. Another 71 poems date from the Yuan dynasty and most of them describe Tortoise Hill, Qingchuan Pavilion and Langguan Lake. There are 123 poems of the Ming dynasty focusing on Mulan Mountain, Wenjin Academy, Guaintai, East Lake and Hankou. There are 114 poems of the Qing dynasty with Hankou frequently mentioned.