Recently, Hubei has boasted of having the most ski resorts in southern China. The number has increased rapidly from two to 10 ski areas.

There are four in the Shennong Forestry District: Shennongjia International, Tianyan, Zhonghe, and Longjiangping International ski resorts. In Yichang, there are Wufeng International and Bailihuang Ski Resorts. In Huanggang City, there are Taohuachong and Nanwudang ski resorts in Yingshan County and Honghuajian Ski Resort in Luotian County. In Xianning there is Jiugongshan Ski Resort. A ski area is under construction at Mulan Cool Village, in Huangpi District of Wuhan. It is expected to open for a trial operation during the Spring Festival. In addition, some ski resorts are being built in Xiangyang and Enshi.

On weekends, you are free to go to the nearby ski areas for an exciting and wonderful experience.

The most convenient ski resort

Yichang now has a mountain ski resort. Situated in the Bailihuang scenic area, it is near the shooting location of the movie, "Under the Hawthorn Tree," directed by ZhangYimou. The Bailihuang ski resort can accommodate 1500 skiers. It is divided into three sections, a slope for beginners, a slope for intermediates and a section for snow sports.

Night skiing is a new attraction this year. Skiers are now able to ski under a starry sky. Apart from ordinary hotels, there are a variety of accommodations that visitors can choose from, such as wooden villas, tent hostels, and container hostels. Bailihuang Ski Resort has easy accessibility. You can go from Wuhan by train to the Yichang East station in only two hours. Then, take a bus and arrive at Bailihuang in an hour.

Address: Balihuang Scenic Area, Fenxiang Town, Yiling District, Yichang
Price: ski jacket and helmet are RMB 30 per set
Non-holidays: RMB 160 per person for two hours with a lift ticket of RMB 52
Spring Festival: RMB 240 per person for two hours with a lift ticket of RMB 105 yuan

Ski & Hot Spring package

Veterans, rookie skiers and even children can find suitable programs at the Nanwudang Ski Resort where the ski runs are located on the slopes of the mountains. Skiers can choose steep tracks with a high level of difficulty or safe slope for beginners.

What's more, you can also learn how to ski with professional coaches. After skiing, itis relaxing to soak in a hot spring. The Hongguang Bisheng Hot Spring Resort is located in Yingshan County. It has 108 indoor and outdoor hot spring pools, which will refresh your whole body.

Address: 200 meters from the Management Office of Dabie Mountain South Wudang Tourism Area, Yingshan County, Hubei Province
Price: ski suits are RMB 50 per set for rent. Private skiing equipment is RMB 100 per person upon admission.
Non-holidays: RMB 188 per person for 2 hours
Spring Festival: RMB 288 per person for 2 hours (includes snowboards, snowshoes and snowball fights)
Tickets for Hongguang Bisheng Hot Spring: RMB 126

Largest Ski Resort in Central China

The Shennongjia International Ski Resort is the largest of its kind in Central China. The place is well-equipped for snow enthusiasts. Apart from skiing, you can go snow tubing and snowboarding. Also, you can ride snowmobiles, snow sledges and snow bikes. The resort has facilities such as ski houses, cafés, ski shops, medical emergency rooms and ski training centers with professional coaches for beginners.

There are currently eight ski slopes. The most challenging run is 980 meters long with a vertical drop of 280 meters, a maximum slope of 30 degrees, and an average slope of 15 degrees. A Snowboard Paradise has also been set up to meet the needs of snowboarders.

Address: Shennongjia National Forest Park, Hubei Province, 30 kilometers from Muyu Town
Price: RMB 100 lift ticket
Non-holidays: skiing RMB 180 per person, snowboarding rental RMB 280 per person for an entire day (includes snowboards, snowshoes)
Spring Festival: skiing RMB 240 per person for two hours; snowboarding RMB 380 per person for two hours