In the fourth phase of Wuhan Metro's construction plan, the concept of the suburban express line was proposed for the first time: the city will welcome four suburban express lines in the coming years. To better understand the conveniences brought by the suburban express lines, our reporters went to experience the S1 line in Wenzhou days ago.

Designed by the China Railway Siyuan Survey and Design Group Co. Ltd., the S1 line start operation today on Jan. 23. The construction of the whole line lasted nearly 6 years. Upon its opening, it will be the first city railway in China.

The suburban express line is a new type of transportation that provides fast, large-capacity and public transportation services between the central city and the surrounding urban areas. Its one-way distance is approximately 50 and 100 kilometers, and its maximum speed is 120 kilometers per hour. It features a fast start-stop system.

The widest body of Wuhan's metro lines is 3 meters. However, the S1 line in Wenzhou boasts a width of 3.3 meters. As its designed passenger density per square meter is not as high as the subway, people can enjoy a wider space. It could be estimated that Wuhan citizens will have a more comfortable travel experience with the suburban express lines to be built in the future.

Although Wuhan's four suburban lines are connected or intersect with the existing rail-transit lines, passengers need to transfer between the two due to the differences in widths and other construction standards.