Hongshan caitai is a specific type of vegetable grown in Hongshan District in Wuchang. It is crisp, yet tender, with a refreshing flavor. Every winter, it can be found on menus in most restaurants in Wuhan.

The story about Hongshan caitai can be dated back 1700 years. It is said that the best caitai is grown near the Baotong Buddhist Temple in Hongshan District, Wuhan. Agricultural experts say that the unique taste of Hongshan caitai is directly linked to the local environment. The fertile calcareous soil in Hongshan District is rich with calcium and minerals, which make Hongshan caitai a healthy vegetable.

Everyone in Wuhan loves to eat vegetables in the winter, and also loves to pursue the authentic flavor of Hongshan caitai. It is not only because of the fragrance of the plants but also because of its refreshing taste.