This year's Spring Festival holiday lasts from Feb. 5 to 19 (the lunar New Year's Day to the Lantern Festival). With your family you can feast your eyes on the lanterns and flowers or experience the various folk customs to celebrate the new year in Wuhan.

East Lake Lantern Festival

At the 5th East Lake Lantern Festival and Wuhan Happy Valley Lighting Festival, locals can indulge themselves in traditional celebrations in the midst of light and shadow works. They can also appreciate the intangible cultural heritage of folk customs performances.

East Lake Lantern Festival

These performances are to be staged starting the evening of Feb. 1 and last until Feb. 19 (the Lantern Festival). A "fire dragon and molten steel" performance will enable visitors to dance together with the dragon. Incorporating the latest technology and traditional handicraft, the interactive light installations will involve the visitors' viewing experience.

The stunt of the "fire dragon and molten steel"

Visitors can also participate in the "unpacking red envelopes" game to enter a prize pool of RMB 10,000 from Feb. 5 to 10 every day sponsored by Happy Valley.


Wuhan Garden Expo Park Lantern Festival

The 3rd Lantern Fair of Wuhan Garden Expo Park is illuminated by 118 colorful light installations between 5 p.m. and 10 p.m. every evening from Jan. 9 to Mar. 11. Apart from the Chinese traditional lights, an additional light art show will take place featuring LED lighting and projection. What's more, the Hankouli Temple Fair will be held from Feb. 10 to Mar. 2, during which folk artists will present sugar painting, clay figurine molding, juggling skills and other skills.

Red lanterns raised upon Hongshan Square

The Spring Festival variety show at the Crape Myrtle Garden is going on from day to night to present rich and varied activities such as folk customs performances, a flower carving show, naked-eye 3D waters creen show and trying traditional snacks. The Ziwei Cloud Land, a 7D glass platform bridge, will be put into official operation for visitors to have a breathtaking walk on the lunar New Year's Day.

Mulan Flower Village

The first Beijing-Hubei Spring Festival Cultural Temple Fair will be hosted at the Mulan Flower Village in Huangpi District on Feb. 5. On that day the locally renowned opera groups will perform Chu Opera. In addition, the Mulan Great Lake Scenic Spot will provide a substantial meal for the visitors. They can also enter the farmers' houses to experience how to make tofu or rice cakes. The Mulan Grassland Scenic Spot has prepared the home-style roasted lamb for the arrival of the tourists.

Orchid exhibition

Wuhan Spring Festival Flower Fair

The first Wuhan Spring Festival Flower Fair unveiled on Jan. 20 and will last until Feb. 4. It involves eight venues. The main venue is Wuhan Forestry Group Flower Science and Technology Industrial Park. The seven smaller venues are the Bird Market, Wuhan Flower and Bird Market, Wuhan Shuangdun Flower and Bird Market, East Lake Flower and Plant Center, Nanhu Flower and Plant Center, Wuhan Tieji Flower and Bird Wholesale Market, and Wuhan Flower Expo Park.

Tulip exhibitions

On Jan. 28, the second Tulip Festival in Hongshan Square opened to the public. Citizens can appreciate nine different kinds of tulips there. There will also be 1,500 red lanterns present. Another tulip exhibition will be displayed from Feb. 4 through Feb. 19 in Jiefang Park. A total of 174,000 tulips in 35 different varieties will be on display.