One can not only appreciate cherry blossoms at East Lake, but can also take away cherry blossom souvenirs. Whether they are for personal commemoration or for a friend, they are meaningful. 

On March 14, the reporter of Changjiang Daily saw the early cherry blossoms in full bloom at the East Lake Cherry Blossom Park. All kinds of products related to cherry blossoms were available for purchase there.

Ms. Huang, a tourist from Guangzhou Province, purchased three silk scarves with cherry blossom designs at the park. She said, "there are of course cherry blossoms to be seen in other places and corresponding cherry blossom products. However, I feel that the items that I see here have the unique look and feel of the East Lake Cherry Blossom Park in Wuhan. That is why I really like these products that are available here.”

“Night cherry blossom viewing is now possible at the East Lake Cherry Blossom Park." Staff from the Moshan Management Office recommended this change.

At present, there are more than 9,000 sets of lights at the East Lake Cherry Blossom Park. Cherry blossoms under illumination are very impressive. Closing time has been extended to 10:00 p.m.