On March 15, the “Han Zi Zao Meng” (汉字造梦) store was opened in the Wuhan Tiandi Horizon Shopping Center. It is the creation of Hu Fei, Liu Liheng and Li Bei, three post-80s generation entrepreneurs from Wuhan.

Cultural and creative products in the store such as T-shirts with the Wuhan dialect have attracted great attention.

A few years ago, the young artist Liu Liheng studied the calligraphy style of the famous painter Jin Nong of the Qing Dynasty and developed his own style. His works have become popular on social networks at home and abroad.

Starting in 2017, Liu traveled to 17 countries such as France and Italy to hold calligraphy exhibitions. His unique style that combines Chinese calligraphy with modern online buzzwords and the Wuhan dialect have given his works a unique aesthetic hovering somewhere between traditional and modernity.

The curiosity that foreign audiences have for Chinese characters has given him the idea of founding the “Han Zi Zao meng” brand.

Besides selling products like mugs and T-shirts with the Wuhan dialect on them, the dream of the three founders is to make museum exhibitions alive through the design of cultural and creative products. In this way, young people will be drawn to museums to appreciate traditional Chinese culture.

Hu Fei said that in addition to placing Palace Museum products in the store, they have visited more than 30 other museums across the country to seek similar cooperative ventures. They have already reached preliminary agreements with museums such as the Hubei Provincial Museum and the Xianyang Museum.

Hu Fei said, "calligraphy is the art of drawing in the eyes of foreigners. With the development of China's economy, more and more people will fall in love with traditional Chinese culture in the future!”