Wuhan University (WHU) annually attracts a large number of visitors during the cherry blossom season who cherish this delicate flower. There is a scaled-down version of the historic WHU library and its surrounding cherry blossom trees in bloom at an official Lego store in a shopping mall in Optics Valley.


Wang Feifei, a staff member in the Lego official store in Wuhan, said that this scene at WHU was replicated by certified Lego designers. It took more than three weeks to complete and was assembled with about 30,000 Lego bricks. Though the value of the model is estimated to be more than RMB 200,000, the store has no intentions to put it on sale. It has been on display for people to enjoy since its assemblage in August 2018.

“We chose the library of WHU because it has a long history, a rich collection, magnificent architecture and a great academic atmosphere. In addition, its cherry blossoms in full bloom are beloved by locals and tourist alike. As the Optics Valley is close to Wuhan University, we chose to assemble the model here," added Wang.