Wuhan Botanical Garden

The end of this bone-chilling winter marks the beginning of spring. I headed out to the Wuhan Botanical Garden, the place that offers an extensive view of plant life.

Nature smiles here in beauty

The Wuhan Botanical Garden is truly a sight to behold with several varieties of flowers there. Flowers make people intrinsically happy and I could feel that joyous aura among people as soon as I stepped inside the garden. Flowers were thriving in varieties of odors, sizes and shapes. It felt to me that the garden was sharing its beauty bringing a smile to my face. An endless vista of flowers stretched before me and I was eager to start upon my way.


Each spring the cherry blossoms emerge for a brief moment but stay engraved for a long time in our hearts. Some cherry trees were shedding their petals while others were just coming into bloom. Looking into the buds' opening their petals is a pleasurable anticipation. A white wagtail was sitting on the branch. Its chirping almost felt like a song sung in joy. Have you ever felt that nature has a voice too? We can hear it if we can be quiet and patient enough.


A magnificent collection of peony species greeted me next. The landscape conservatory was adorned with 1,500 plants. After walking further, I came across a kiwi fruit garden. Reading the signboard outside the garden, I was surprised to find out that the garden was the largest repository of kiwis in the world.

Peace — element of life

At a bird watching platform I saw an old man looking through a telescope in search of birds. There was a crested myna flying away. There are many resting places around for walkers and restaurants to quench visitors' thirst and hunger in this garden. There are also many playground equipment and swings for the kids. This is an ideal trip for children to increase their knowledge about plant life and its importance.

Inhaling these blossoms' sweet fragrance in the air, I recall a saying of the ancient Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu, "Nature doesn't rush; yet, everything is accomplished."

This place has the ability to heal your heart and free your mind from stress. Wuhan is filled with such multifarious places that can enchant anyone. What we need is a curious mind and an adventurous heart. If you are a nature lover, this remarkable garden is totally worth a visit. Learn to embrace the nature and it will embrace you back. So do you want to make your heartbeat to the rhythm of nature?