A health certificate, being able to peel 1.5 kilograms of crawfish in half an hour, and being able to work four hours a day... these are the requirements for the position of crawfish peeler at Hema. On April 20, two crawfish peelers began to work at the Freshhema store at Shouyimen.

The other peeler, Zhao Chen, is a staff member in Hema’s IT Department. He is good at peeling crawfish using a special tool. Compared with hand-peeling, he operates faster and the crawfish meat he get out was more complete. Zhao said: "I can peel one in two or three seconds. 1.5 kilograms of crawfish will take me 15 minutes.”
The crawfish peeling service charges RMB 10 per kilogram. Some people, however, prefer to peel crawfish themselves. They enjoy the peeling process, waiting for a mouth of the spicy meat. 【By Yi Kehui】