The 14th Croisements Festival, an annual cultural exchange program between China and France, will return to Wuhan on April 28 and continue to July 7, according to the French Consul General on April 23. Over ten cultural events, ranging from dance, music, lectures, exhibitions, acrobatics, and films, will be presented to the public during this period.

The festival will kick off with Denis Darzacq's renowned photographic exhibition, "The Fall," at the Wuhan Tiandi Horizon Shopping Mall on April 28. The photos, set against the urban background of Paris, capture the moment when people jump up and their bodies appear suspended in air. The photo series has brought Darzacq international recognition. The exhibition will continue to June 16.


The festival will await visitors at the Yellow Crane Tower Park during the May Day holiday. Between April 30 and May 1, visitors to the Yellow Crane Tower will be able to enjoy three shows by French artists:
• "The Little Dancer of D.," by Raphaelle Delaunay, a dance performance that incorporates hip hop and break dance;

• a music performance from Turfu, a futuristic music duo from Essonne;

• acrobatic shows by Cincent Warin, a former champion of Freestyle BMX who uses music, dance, and bicycle stunts in his shows. In addition to the Yellow Crane Tower, people will also be able to enjoy French acrobatic shows at Wuhan Tiandi on May 2, 3, 18 and 19.


As in the past, a highlight of the festival is Music Day that hosts both Chinese and French musicians. The event will take place between June 14 and 22 with concerts to be held at locations around Wuhan such as the Caidian District and the Hankou Riverside Park.
Music Day will be followed by the 15th Panorama of French Cinema in July. The festival will wrap up with a six-hour-long cinema concert, "Les Miserables." The audience will be able to watch a restored version of the 1925 film, "Les Miserables," while enjoying live music performed by the pianist Karol Beffa.【By Yi Kehui】